Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Calliope - a new twist on an old song ...

Recently, I've been experimenting with taking old videos from the Prelinger Archives and making them into videos for some of my songs. Here's a new one for a song called "Calliope".

I wrote this song about two years ago. One of my favorite things to do is to sit on my front step on a nice spring day while my kids play outside. I listen to them run around, and I goof around on one of my guitars. I also love to play with strange tunings. This song was originally written on my old Alvarez baritone guitar. I use two partial capos on it - one at the second fret and one at the fourth fret, and this gives me a nice open tuning. Open tunings are great because, as you can hear in this song, they enable me to easily access some really dense, strange, and wonderful chords.

Anyway, the day I wrote it, I was entranced by the looping main guitar riff. I played it again and again, and after a while, I felt like I was spinning around and around, like as if I was on a merry-go-round, hence the title, "Calliope".

It was a working title for a long time until the words came together around it. When I wrote them, I was trying to say something about letting go of ourselves, our agendas, our goofy ideas about right and wrong, our dysfunction and our very identities, and just giving into the rhythm of the planet and the universe. I was thinking big, perhaps too big, so I stripped them down to only a few words. I hope they mean whatever you want them to mean. Enjoy!

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